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Who Stole the Bees’ Wings?

Join a little frog and his friends on a whimsical quest to discover who stole the bees’ wings.

A shy frog stops by a tearful flower who hasn’t seen a bee all spring. “I can’t move,” she says. “Will you help me?”

The frog thinks he’s too little to help, but the animals won’t have enough food if he doesn’t try. Reluctantly, the frog gathers a boastful fox and a wise Know-It-Owl to search for the missing bees.

With help from a Magical Book Tree, they discover a very odd thing, indeed.

Who Stole the Bees’ Wings? is a quirky eco-fairy tale like Dr. Seuss’The Lorax, and Shel Silverstein’sThe Giving Tree. All three stories use imaginative storytelling to highlight when the natural world is out of balance.

Written for children 4-8.  

Who Stole the Bees’ Wings? is the first book in the series little can do big things.

A Story with:

Characters created by a 6-year-old artist.
Little really can do BIG things!

With 16 years of experience leading youth in Nature with story-based programming, there’s one thing we know:


Who Stole the Bees Wings inspires young kids to be heroes:

  • Introduces a little character who takes on a BIG quest
  • Shows that collaboration with others works
  • Offers surprises and twists 
  • Delivers a Big Win at the end
  • Offers ideas in the extra pages that further engage kids 

Our Illustrator

Dezla Falyn, at age 6, drew all the characters with oil pastels.   In her six-year-old creative flow, Dezla gave all the characters spiral faces - we don't know why, but we love it!  The background art also evolved from her water color paintings at age six.  Little can do BIG things!

Can Kids find the Spider hiding on some of the pages?

Why choose this book?

  • If a little Frog can do BIG things, kids can be heroes too.
  • Imaginative storytelling with lovable characters.
  • Engage kids with activities at the end of the book.
  • Nature’s Theater has 20 years of experience writing stories for young children.


  • Little can do BIG Things
  • Working together solves problems
  • Bad things happen when you make fun of others
  • Circle of Life – we are all connected!

A small tidbit from the AUTHOR

The inspiration for Who Stole the Bees’ Wings?
came one day as I watched a bee land next to a
wingless animal on the ground

• Was the animal envious of the bees’ wings?

• Did the animal want to fly?
I guess that’s a silly question. We all want to fly at least once.

Can kids find the spider hiding on the pages of the book?

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