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*Hard Cover: Who Stole The Bees’ Wings?


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Join a little frog and his friends on a whimsical quest to discover who stole the bees’ wings.

A shy frog is stopped by a tearful flower who hasn’t seen a bee all spring. “I can’t move,” she says. “Will you help me?”

The frog thinks he’s too little to help, but the animals won’t have enough food if he doesn’t try. Reluctantly, the frog gathers a boastful fox and a wise Know-It-Owl to search for the missing bees.

With help from a Magical Book Tree, they discover a very odd thing, indeed.

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ISBN # 978-1-940255-06-4
Hard Cover:

Who Stole the Bees’ Wings? is a quirky eco-fairy tale like Dr. Seuss’,The Lorax, and Shel Silverstein’s, The Giving Tree. All three stories use imaginative storytelling to highlight when the natural world is out of balance.

Written for children 4-8.  Who Stole the Bees’ Wings? is the first book in a series – little can do big things.

A fanciful tale where even the littlest among us can feel like a hero.

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