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Nature's Theater Presents:
Who Stole the Bees' Wings?

In this CHILDREN’S BOOK, bees always hang their wings on rack before they go to sleep.  One morning, all their wings were gone.

Who took the wings?  And can plants make enough food for everyone to eat if the bees don’t buzz?

It’s up to a little Frog, a Fox who plays practical jokes, and a Know-It-Owl with a Magical Book-Tree, to find the bees and help them get their buzz back.

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Adults or teens can easily lead a Walking Story. They read from a script that is part of the story.

Interactive imaginative learning for elementary school aged kids.


Eco-themed comedic plays for youth actors. Great for schools, community theater, camps, festivals and more.

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Why Nature's Theater?

We see children as the future leaders, and leaders care about what they know.  Our nature themed stories introduce sustainable living themes, and give kids a chance to learn and have fun.

  • With our CHILDREN’S BOOK series, kids learn even small characters CAN DO BIG THINGS!
  • OUTDOOR WALKING STORIES– Adults or teens can easily lead a Walking Story.  They read from a script which is part of the story.
  • THEATRICAL PLAYS – Our plays embed ecological themes like healthy eating and reducing CO2s with imaginative storytelling that brings laughter and learning. Perfect for your aspiring theater group. 

We connect KIDS to NATURE!
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