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Kids! Nature! Story!
What's not to love

We started this adventure in 2006, just as cell phones appeared on the planet and began to draw kids from the wonders of nature to the screen.  Why?  All the STORIES are there, in those screens.  

We decided to use story to re-capture that outdoor connection kids used to have.  They thrive on Nature time.  We can make it more fun – with stories that ignite imaginations and create a nature bond that will literally assure the human race takes care of the planet.

Nature's Theater

We love seeing the look on a young child’s face when they have an “Aha” moment in Nature.  Or when they help stop and eco-villain.  Or when they dream about doing good.  Make wishes that help others.  

Each human has a super hero inside, and with the right stories, we think that super hero will make the world a better place.  


This photo from Animal Circle Club shows kids imagining what it would be like to be one of the animals in the story.

When kids identify with something and create a connection – THEY CARE ABOUT IT!

You can see why it’s good for everyone when kids care about Nature.  If all they care about are the latest “Fail Videos” – they likely will not contribute to the planet and their community in the same way as they would if they are invested in Nature and the diversity of life on earth.  What are some of the benefits?

  • Outdoor play
  • Imagination
  • Collaboration
  • Curiosity
  • Fun!
  • Learning about various aspects of NATURE
  • Diversity

Our Team


Lyndsay Dawkins & Jeff Falyn

Everyone has a story.  Engage and get connected!


Children's Book Guide


Little one who did BIG THINGS


and your volunteers, staff or helpers

-A Children's Book
- A Walking story
- A Stage show
- You choose!

We thank you for helping youth forge a Nature Bond!