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Animal Circle Club


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ISBN #978-1-940255-01-9

This story helps children have more tolerance for things that are different–like animals.

How do we do it?

Imagine a group of children gathered in a park or outside at school when a guide character asks if they want to join the Animal Circle Club

The kids take a walk and meet four different costumed characters. They are the Gatekeepers of the club.  If the children can answer four riddles and perform four tasks, they may join the club. 

Children learn fun facts about animals, play games, and understand the phrase “kindness and caring for all.”

ISBN # 978-1-940255-01-9

Animal Circle Club is an interactive story that comes to life. And best of all, the children are part of the story. Children learn about animals, especially animals that people are afraid of—like spiders and snakes. The story requires 3-6 people to play characters with very little dialogue to memorize. The Magical Earth Book is the script and a prop in the story. You read from it as the story unfolds.

Who leads this Walking Story?  Teachers, camp counselors, junior high kids, grandparents–and everyone in between.

If you want a truly special experience, have teens play the characters. They feel good about mentoring the younger kids while the younger kids, in addition to helping Birdman, look up to the teens.

Animal Circle Club is perfect for children 4-6, with an alternate version (also in the book) for kids 7-10. The adventure takes about an hour—depending on the length of the walk.

Do you know anyone who would like to join the club?


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