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With the enclosed “Magical Earth Book”, your teachers, staff or volunteers will have the entire script at hand as they lead kids on a quest to understand animals and join the Animal Circle Club.  They meet Gate keepers and overcome to challenges and riddles.  As the kids search for the magic box and the secret to joining the Animal Circle Club, they learn kindness and caring for all.  The book offers step-by step instructions for running this walking story with 3 people leading the kids.  Extra bonus sections include group management and basic costume ideas.


This is our Walking Story about Animals.  Simple to run with 2-4 people, it will teach youngsters facts about animals that may be quite different from them.  We hope to help youngsters appreciate all animals, even those that might get a bad rap.  Animal Circle Club can be run in an hour, or longer if a snack and /or hike is added.  The kids will be walking during the experience, but the duration of the walk can be long or short.  This story is great for camps, nature preserves and on-campus field trips.


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