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The Birdman story allows children to feel good about helping another.

Birdman (protector of the other animals) has eaten a white-blank-o-berry and forgotten how to be a bird. If the children go on a Walking Story and learn about birds, they might find Birdman and remind him what birds do.

The children learn fun facts about birds, play games, and feel like heroes of the story.

And yes, the kids dance the funky chicken!

ISBN #978-1-940255-00

The children walk, share what they know about birds, and without realizing it, learn a little more. They build nests, make bird calls, pretend to fly, and listen to a short story about how Birdman helps others.

The story requires 2-3 people to play characters with very little dialogue to memorize. The Magical Earth Book is the script and a prop in the story. You read from it as the story unfolds.

Perfect for children aged 3-7. The story takes about 45 minutes—depending on the length of the walk.

If you want a truly special experience, have teens play the characters. They feel good about mentoring the younger kids while the younger kids, in addition to helping Birdman, look up to the teens. There are two levels of helping others taking place at the same time.

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