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Children learn how to care for their environment and the value of diversity as they train to become Nature Heroes.

Zip-Zap, a Nature Hero, needs help catching Spoiler. Spoiler throws trash on the ground, dumps oil into the water, and wants to destroy most of the plants and animals.

If the kids participate in Nature Hero training, they can join Zip-Zap and try to stop Spoiler from doing more harm.

  • “It’s amazing how you taught the concept of diversity. It was so simple. My 6-year-old understood it.”
    UC Davis, professor, father

ISBN #978-1-940255-04-0

In their training, the children pick up trash left by Spoiler, listen to the surrounding sounds with their eyes closed, and watch as clouds roll by.

Nature Heroes connect with Nature in diverse ways. The more you know about something, the more you care for it.

The story requires 2-3 people to play characters with very little dialogue to memorize. The Magical Earth Book is the script and a prop in the story. You read from it as the story unfolds.

Perfect for children aged 5-9. The story takes about 60 minutes—depending on the length of the walk.

Nature Heroes are the real-life superheroes of today. With their acts of caring for the environment and their motto, “preserve and protect the planet,’ they make a difference in what they do.

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